Anteros offers a wide range of services to its customers. The smooth operation of the company during its long existence in the domestic market is based on best practices in good working methods and total commitment to the customers.


Our works are the result of a complex manufacturing of unique products, performed by motivated teams, focused, effective in meeting the objectives and development of processes.


Customer satisfaction is our priority and motivation. To achieve success we always serve the four key factors: customer requirements, legal requirements, the most efficient construction methods and the fulfillment of deadlines.

"Excellence is not an act but a habit" (Aristotle), so our goal is to continuously improve with the individual efforts of each to achieve a common goal.


Our services

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Civil Construction

Essential reference in the construction sector, anteros is guided by the criteria of quality, accuracy, productivity and efficiency that allows excellent results. Anteros is recognized by a large number of emblematic works, demonstration of skills and experience of the company in the following areas:

• Design and urban construction;

• Sports, cultural, leisure and education equipment;

• Industril plants;

• Commercial spaces;

• Housing.


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Public Works

With an extensive experience, there are many examples of skills and excellent performance of anteros in the execution of works and infrastructure. A focused performance in meeting deadlines and objectives, together with the continuous innovation and continuous improvement, provide to anteros a great competitiveness.

• Roads and highways;

• Bridges and tunnels;

• Pavements, signage and urban arrangements;

• Excavation and land movements;

• Rehabilitation and restoration of urban roads.


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Urban Rehabilitation

Headquartered in the heart of a region with a vast heritage of outstanding architectural value, anteros has played a key role in the rehabilitation of historic centers, public and private buildings, true landmarks that highly value towns and cities. The intervention of anteros has also contributed to equip these buildings, not only of better aesthetics, but also for greater energy efficiency and better conditions of use, comfort and safety.

• Rehabilitation and restoration of buildings;

• Rehabilitation and recovery of public spaces;

• Urban Planning;

• Restorations, refurbishments and reconstructions;

• Other works of urban regeneration.



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The best works lack the best resources and the best response in terms of raw materials.


The anteros have always understood, by their own means, to have industrial plants that allow satisfying their concrete and asphalt needs. Combined with a strict laboratory control we guarantee that our projects are executed with rigor and quality and can shorten lead times of works given the capacity to respond to urgent needs.

• Concrete distribution;

• Pumping Concrete.



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Property Development

The anteros offers a diversified real estate offer through the construction of high quality buildings and commercial value in prime locations and land with great potential.

• Buying, selling and renting property.



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Anteros Service

The Anteros Service is a professional service of rapid intervention, designed for small works of urgent repair and rehabilitation.


The provision of services and execution of works in buildings usually inhabited or in use by the Client, require a philosophy of self-service, agile, fast and focused around the customer's needs. The Anteros Service is oriented to provide these services.


With competent and highly motivated professionals, is an innovative, permanent service, of rapid intervention, responsive with an affordable price. The services of the Anteros Service count with the experience, rigor and with the excellency of the services from anteros and, assuming the professionals who embody the ambition to always be a market benchmark in this important dedicated Customer service segment.

• Rapid intervention in real estate;

• Renovation and rehabilitation of buildings;

• Repairs and emergency corrective maintenance.


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Specialized Services

The experience, the know-how and the technical expertise of anteros, achieved over the years, combined with the quality of its technical and human resources allow us to provide specialized services to institutions and other companies.

• Audit work;

• Laboratory monitoring;

• Cost optimization.


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New Business and Services

In anteros we are always available to listen, debate and support good ideas.


Investing in DIVERSIFICATION of the activity of anteros is strategic, it is imperative and is enshrined in our VISION. Broaden horizons, enhance new business prospects in a given timeline, it is to minimize risk in contexts of recessionary economic cycles. It is the attractiveness of new skills, new experiences and knowledge. It is the diversity and the strengthening of the company 's culture, is to disseminate and promote healthy internal competition, it is to intervene and add value to the communities / populations to increase employability, set people, the contribute to the comfort and happiness of families. It is providing the anteros greater consistency and economic and financial strength.


Receptivity and prospecting new opportunities, new challenges, in multidisciplinary areas with recognized economic added value is a matter that we consider current, important and priority, not leaving therefore to be available to analyze, and support acting like business angels, projects with high potential economic and social , looking to provide the essential first financial support to its viability and also, and above all, our experience, knowledge and best advice.

Do you have an idea for a project with high economic and social potential that you want to present us? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Legal information to the consumer / customer - Entity of Alternative Dispute Resolution: 

In case of a dispute, the consumer / customer may contact the following Entity of Alternative Dispute Resolution: CNIACC - National Center of Information and Arbitrations of Consumer Disputes - You can find further information in the Consumer Portal: