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About Us


We are a construction company focused on integrity and values, who believes in being a reference of good practice in the sector, to excel for quality in garnering credibility and the trust of its customers.

Established in the cities of Chaves and Oporto, we operate throughout the country and transnationally, with a staff of excellent employees, guided by an experienced technical team with consolidated knowledge, a direction provided with strong skills and a modern vision and fully client-oriented.

Four decades of continuous activity in Portugal, allied to a lived experience and success in Angola, in different areas with a focus on construction - public works, civil construction, urban rehabilitation, concrete, asphalt and real estate - have provided us, by the quality of services provided, generated employment and added-value to the economy, the respect recognition and of the different entities, community, employees and other stakeholders.

Anteros takes as its main asset, being faithful to the values ​​and striking ethical principles in the company's culture, based on personality, on the practice and on the character of its founder, Antero dos Santos Pereira.


Anteros: Four decades building with pride, building confidence

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Our Mission


Generate results sustainably, diversify the business areas, promote the continued enhancement of our employees and contribute to the development and progress of the communities within a framework of civic, social and environmental responsibility.


Accomplish the strategic commitments assumed with its stakeholders.


Our Vision 


Be a perennial economic group, based on the recognition of their competence, credibility and solidity, with a solid and consistent international presence.




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Our Values



The character, ethics and integrity expressed in the community by the founder of anteros, stands in an inalienable value of company, in terms of honesty, truth, loyalty and everyday justice.


Achieve with quality, tasks we set to ourselves, in a good timing, with adjusted resources and manpower generating high levels of productivity, eradicating waste and rework.


We govern ourselves clear, unequivocal and permanently by the "respect for our word" - ancestral value of our culture which makes us very proud - in strict compliance with all agreements and obligations undertaken by anteros.


Act in a cohesive, determined, competent and committed way to achieve the ambitious goals of anteros. The sustainability of anteros is the distinguishing factor and an opportunity to successfully assert ourselves in the markets.


Proven over more than three decades of achievements based in knowledge, accuracy, professionalism and innovation. We are proud of the past, we have certainties in the present and trust in the future.


We develop humanistic policies, follow practice of respect for the dignity of man and for institutions, we value the difference of cultures, beliefs, gender or race and we encourage solidarity and civic intervention.



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The certification of the quality management system of anteros, results of a statement of strategy and credibility of the services provided.


Certified by Bureau Veritas, anteros has always been a pioneer in the adoption and promotion of best practices and continuous improvement, and is still today the only company in the region with concrete production certification NP EN 206-1:2007 + Amendment 1:2008 + Amendment 2:2010 also boasts a certification in NP EN 13108.1:2011 with application in Bituminous Concrete Roads and other Circulation Areas.


For anteros, certification is an asset and an important milestone for the trust and satisfaction of our customers, employees, shareholders and other partners, however, its greatest value comes from the starting point, which provides the permanent evolution and continuous improvement.


The anteros company is guided by the principle of trust and excellence, seeking to contribute in every action the skills and the capabilities that make it a reference in the sector.




On the basis of corporate culture of anteros is not only the commitment for preventing and strict compliance with regulations and environmental legislation, but also to continuously improve both the quality of its products, whether the efficiency, integration, and environmental performance of its activities, in order to preserve and actively contribute to the current and future generations welfare.


The company's quality policy supports, and is supported by the total commitment and dedication of all its employees, preserving the culture of the company.


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