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Why work in anteros ?


Working in anteros is respect, appreciation and encouragement.


It is rigor, commitment, fidelity to its principles, involvement in the achievements and challenges.


It is the sharing of ideas, knowledge and experience.


The anteros is dedicated to its employees. Promotes their professional development, personal and their well-being.



(Read here the Human Resources Policy of anteros)


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What we expect of our employees ?


Identification with the values ​​of anteros - Credibility, Efficiency, Commitment, Strength, Experience and Solidarity.


Team Spirit - The dynamism and motivation that promote teamwork, contributing to a good working environment.


Willingness to Learn and Develop Continually - Recognition of the importance of learning permanently and its contribute to personal progress and the progress in anteros.


Sharing of Ideas and Knowledge - The ability to share knowledge and discuss new ideas, boosting personal success and all those who work in anteros.


Responsibility, Autonomy and Organization - Responsibility for initiatives aiming to improve the working methods and techniques.



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People are the soul and the inspiration of our success. Who moves and builds the Excellency of anteros.


We seek to attract exceptional professionals who add value to their skills and the well-doing with panache. People committed, dedicated, that challenge their own abilities and do not put limits on their willingness to learn and evolve.


We will always want to form a fantastic team, which proudly stand out for the dynamism, commitment, rigor and solidarity.



Are you an excellent professional that would like to be part of anteros team? Send us your Curriculum Vitae to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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